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Konsert med Shortparis

Vår Lokal presenterar stolt SHORTPARIS från Ryssland. I samarbete med Scenkonst Sörmland, Gnesta kommun och Christian Pallin (Koloni GbG). 

Den 23:e Januari ger Shortparis en exklusiv Sverigespelning i Gnesta. 

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Formed in St.Petersburg in 2012. Irrational, spastic dance groove borderlines somewhere between dark electro, post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson, combined with theatrical performances. The songs are in Russian, French and English.

Vocals – Nikolay Komiagin
Guitar, Synthesizer – Aleksandr Galianov
Drums, Sampling – Pavel Lesnikov
Guitar, Bass, Accordion – Aleksandr Ionin
Drums, Percussion – Danila Kholodkov

Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music after the show at MENT festival: “I was DJing after you at MENT festival in Slovenia. Your live set blew me away.”

Again, as with most current bands who end up being described as post punk, they don’t actually sound anything like any post punk bands that I can name, instead they share a convergent and parallel sonic evolution with other, more recent post punk fans, especially those with a serious commitment to servicing the dancefloor, such as Health, Re-TROS, Snapped Ankles, Algiers, My Disco and Liars. … You know, I constantly dream of coming across bands like Shortparis yet so rarely do. Ambitious, bombastic, incredibly pretentious, erotic, thrilling, impossible to pin down, vaguely deviant, fun to dance to and full of revolutionary potential. Sure, if you listen hard enough you can hear them laughing but you would be a fool to make the mistake of presuming that they’re joking. John Doran, The Quietus

“Amazing Russian band who combine a post industrial electronic throb with a haunting falsetto vocal, guitars, Belgian new beat and soundtrack into a compelling and brilliant whole. Their music is full of groundbreaking action and intensity and a dark and melancholic danger, they are the post darkwave, they have the songs and the charisma to fill the Depeche Mode stadium circuit, they sound like the 21st century now, they make electronics sound warm and human and full of vim and fuck and the singer does these wild sex dances that part hypnotise the audience and part terrify them. In short Shortparis are the band of the moment.
This is a true death disco – a post-industrial dark and thrilling ride on the dark side that you can dance to. A thrilling combination of electronics and post-punk deconstruction with operatic vocals. They are 2018. They are the now.» John Robb, Louderthanwar.

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